BlueBolt extends the village of Snow White and the Huntsman


BlueBolt completed over 150 shots on Snow White and The Huntsman. The studio was responsible for all the set extensions of the Royal Village.

Rafael Morant, digital environment supervisor and head of 3D at BlueBolt, explains : "We used photogrammetry with Enwaii for the first phase of the village extension. We first captured a 3D version of the village and then our artists tweaked and extended the houses the way we wanted."

The choice of photogrammetry techniques enabled BlueBolt to quickly get meshes with clean and light topology so they were easier to modify once captured. And having Enwaii natively integrated in Maya made the transition from the capture phase to the modification and extension phase seamless.

At Banzai Pipeline Ltd, we are delighted to see that BlueBolt is already planning to use Enwaii in its future jobs.

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Images courtesy of Universal and BlueBolt