Twix ideologies: take photos from several angles and pick a side

In this humorous commercial, director Craig Gillespie reveals why there is two Twix bars inside each wrapper and why they are so vastly different...

After publicly breaking the Twix bar prototype, inventors Seamus and Earl divided the company in two parts and entered in an endless rivalry about the best way to produce the bars. Each inventor built his own factory, one producing the left Twix bars, the other creating the right Twix bars. To experience the differences between the two bars, the commercial suggests to simply "try both and pick a side".

The commercial heavily relied on visual effects created by Eight VFX, the main one being the construction and evolution through time of the two factories. On their side, Eight VFX artists relied on the photogrammetry suite Enwaii in order to achieve high quality 3D textured models of the factories. With photos from several angles of the actual 4 by 4 meters model, they had all the information needed to create the two vastly different factories and pick the one they preferred.

It was mandatory to obtain at once a detailed model with a light and clean topology to be able to break it properly for the time lapse sequence describing the rise of the buildings.

Real model to CG model

Photos of the 4 by 4 meters actual model with and without the CG wireframe model superimposed.

The CG model obtained.

Images courtesy of Eight VFX and Twix