ENWAMAP: camera projection manager

With Enwamap, the artist can manage all camera projections at once, grade and create easily the textures.

Enwamap gathers all camera projections from the OpenEXR files and create a texture for the model from these projections.

The artist can control the texture by grading each projection either automatically or manually to get the texture. There are other controls available to get the best texture possible.

The texture can be exported flatten or layered to a 2D paint like Photoshop® (through a OpenEXR or PSD file) to a paint 2D like Photoshop® to get full control for final tweak.

A texture with a FBX scene including cameras, image planes and the mesh can be exported for artists who prefer a paint 3D like Mudbox®.

ENWAMAP main features

  • high resolution texture generation
  • accurate color pipeline (linear, sRGB or Rec709)
  • automatic/assisted mapping and grading
  • export to Photoshop® with layered PSD
  • export to Mudbox®
  • OpenEXR output