ENWASHOT: raw converter for VFX

Enwashot converts raw photos from DSLR, removes distortion and generates HDR images from bracketed photos.

  • Automatic sorting of bracketed photos

  • Select the images to convert

  • Distortion removal and HDR generation via OpenEXR

  • Multi directories conversion, select and forget

  • Convert hundred of raw photos at once

It automatically sorts bracketed photos and can generate HDR from them in OpenEXR format.

It creates at once two images with the same distortion parameters : one OpenEXR in linear color space and one JPEG in sRGB color space.

The JPEG image is used in Maya® with Enwasculpt for image based modeling.

The OpenEXR image is used for texturing in Enwamap.

ENWASHOT main features

  • raw conversion to OpenEXR
  • automatic sorting of bracketed photos
  • HDR generation
  • distortion removal
  • batch process