Why does my studio need Enwaii ?

Enwaii is the only complete photogrammetry solution on the market purely designed for high end artists. The other photogrammetry software target many markets with the same product (architecture, engineering, forensics, archaeology, hobbyists, ...), so they have to make compromises about the workflow and file formats used. They also often neglect the quality of the texture generated, which is essential in VFX. Enwaii does not make these compromises and enables the artists to save a lot of time and to achieve better results when they reconstruct environments or props.

Banzai Pipeline Ltd founders have years of experience as R&D engineers in VFX studios like The Mill, Buf Compagnie and MPC. They know VFX studios need tools tailored to them in order to really solve their daily problems.

So if some of the following points make sense to you, Enwaii is the solution you need:

  • prefer semi automated solution to both save time and keep control
  • generate very high resolution textures, 8K seen as a minimum, not a maximum
  • have a solution embeded in Maya®, Photoshop® and other standard VFX software
  • have a smooth workflow whatever the data given by production (photo, video, LIDAR, ...)
  • require a clean topology, not a triangle soup, to deliver a clean asset to the other departments
  • choose the bit depth and color space of the generated texture, not to be restricted to sRGB 8 bits
  • use OpenEXR or layered PSD file formats to generate textures, not jpeg
  • process hundred of bracketed photos at once to create HDR plates
  • avoid gadget features and focus on having an efficient workflow
  • get the model done even if there is only a few photos
  • ...