Acquisition services

We are equiped to provide HDR photogrammetry acquisition, ready to use with Enwaii.

If you prefer to externalize the acquisition part, we can provide operators to deal with this task.

Our team members are more than usual photogrammetrists. With years of experience in VFX acquired in projects like Fight Club, Matrix 2 and 3, Sweeney Todd, ..., they can operate autonomously or under the instructions of your VFX supervisor.

Being used with VFX techniques and language, our team can not only provide you shots for photogrammetry purpose, but also shots for lighting, compositing, texture or artistic references. This way your artists get all the references they need to deal with their job and increased flexibility in case your client requirements change, which happen often in VFX.

HDR is especially useful for interiors, where lighting conditions can be challenging, as you can see in the following example (move the slider to see the HDR image).

VFX reference photography for Johnnie Walker

The previous HDR shot is one amongst many done by Banzai Pipeline Ltd operators for Where Flavour is King, a Johnnie Walker commercial (video here).

During three days of shots done a month before principal photography, VFX supervisor Colin Renshaw for Alt VFX and director Mark Molloy for Exit Films had to figure out which castles and which rooms to use in the final commercial.

Colin trusted Banzai Pipeline Ltd to deliver him all the HDR reference shots he needed for the previz and VFX jobs Alt VFX would have to do later.

There were so many magnificent rooms in the three castles to shoot that Mark and Colin had a lot narrative and artistic choices to discuss. The operators having great experience in both capture and VFX in general, Colin was delighted to simply give them global directives and have more time to deal with the other tasks.

Banzai Pipeline Ltd stayed dedicated to assist Colin in his choices so he and his team would be able to bring Mark's vision to life. At the end of the shot sessions, 90 gigabytes of photos were taken with 5 to 7 exposures per shot. Even where the lighting of some rooms of the castles was challenging, Alt VFX got first class shots as references thanks to bracketing. Dealing with a large amount of files was not a problem because Enwashot automatically sorted the brackets and produced EXR files with linear HDR data ready to use for VFX.

We were happy to receive the following comment from Colin once the commercial was on air : "the photogrammetry stills was a great reference and texture source so that helped heaps".

Here is the final commercial

Training and consulting

We provide consultancy services around Enwaii, our photogrammetry pipeline.

These include:
  • acquisition
  • software training
  • shot session consulting
  • custom development
  • ...

At Banzai Pipeline, we understand that integration of our tools is important for our clients. We provide a seamless integration of Enwaii in most pipelines. However, we can collaborate with our clients to adapt the solution to special needs.