Eight VFX used Enwaii to reconstruct Carls Jr robot

The latest Carls Jr commercial tells the story of a robot trying to eat a chicken fillet sandwich. Being unable to do it because he has no mouth, the robot becomes frustrated and reacts unexpectedly ...

This comedic story directed by Rocky Morton for David & Goliath required the cooperation of two visual effects studios : Eight VFX for the digital work and Legacy Effects for the practical robot.

VFX supervisor Fred Hopp and his team at Eight VFX decided to use Enwaii to create a CG version of the robot. They took several pictures of the robot with a Canon 5D Mark II to model and texture the character by photogrammetry. The native integration of Enwaii in Maya enabled Eight VFX artists to combine Enwaii image based modeling tools with all the other Maya tools. "Enwaii is a huge time saver for us, we use it on almost every job" said Fred Hopp.

Robot leg reconstruction

Thanks to Enwaii s robust solver, Eight VFX never had to compromise on the number of pictures they wanted to use to accurately reconstruct any part of the robot (images and turntables courtesy of Eight VFX).

Robot hand reconstruction

Combining Enwaii s specific image based modeling toolkit with Maya's tools enabled artists to create props such as the robot hand.

Images courtesy of Eight VFX