ENWAII pipeline overview

Enwaii is a complete photogrammetry pipeline designed to build photorealistic 3D environments and props with the highest level of quality and efficiency.

  • Complete photogrammetry and videogrammetry pipeline for VFX

  • Raw images conversion to OpenEXR with ENWASHOT

  • Calibration and image based modeling in Maya® with ENWASCULPT

  • Texture creation, export to Photoshop®, Mudbox® ... with ENWAMAP

Enwaii supports image based modeling, video based modeling and clean reconstruction from LIDAR.

Its internal linear color pipeline enables generation of high resolution textures in linear, sRGB or Rec709 color space at the desired bit depth (8, 16 or 32 bits).

The pipeline is composed by several standalone programs and plugins which are Enwashot, Enwasculpt, Enwamap and Enwaview.

Enwaii is available on Linux, Windows and Mac OSX.