Method Studios London chose Enwaii for Wrath of the Titans

Marcell Nagy, CG supervisor at Method Studios London for Wrath of the Titans, decided to use Enwaii for the environments they had to build.

Even if Wrath of the Titans was already started at Method Studios, Marcell and his team wished to switch to Enwaii for camera calibration and texture generation of the LIDAR scans of the Tartarus entrance after they saw a demonstration of the pipeline at their office.

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Tartarus entrance

Immediately after the installation of Enwaii, Enwashot started to convert the consequent number of raw pictures shot on-set to OpenEXR. These pictures were taken to map the LIDAR scans and get references for set extensions.

Method Studios London artists needed only a few hours to master Enwasculpt, the camera calibration system of Enwaii integrated in Maya®. The first day already proved to be highly productive with many calibrations finished.

Enwamap was used to generate the textures from the OpenEXR. The camera calibrations and the images planes where also sent to the paint, to let the artists finalize the maps quickly. Thanks to the auto grading capabilities of Enwamap, the process was efficient and smooth.

"Return on investment of the Enwaii purchase was simply a matter of days" explained Nicolas Darques, Software Engineer at Method Studios London.

It was a good opportunity for Banzai Pipeline Ltd to show that Enwaii can fit with no effort in a real production pipeline, even already on track. We are pleased to see that Enwaii saved time and money to Method Studios London and that Enwaii is a part of its pipeline now.

Fly through

The software was also used in an original way for the fly through of the capture cave. Unlike the rocks described in the first part of the article, most of the these rocks are not LIDAR scans. But Method Studios artists had the idea to use textures generated with Enwaii from the calibrated LIDAR scans as a base to texture these rocks too. It also provided the artists with images to finalize the textures.

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Images courtesy of Warner Bros and Method Studios